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Terms of service
Online Booking and House Rules Time-Busters GmbH

as of August 22, 2017



The client books a certain mission designated to a specific time slot on the Time-Busters GmbH website. Therefor it is in the client’s own interest to arrive with the whole team (i.e. the persons who the client intends to play the booked mission with) on time at the venue. The time slots that can be booked online amount to 90 minutes of which 60 minutes is raw play time. Before the start of the game all participating groups receive an introduction given by a Time-Busters employee functioning as the game master. To ensure a smooth process the client and his team have to arrive at the latest at the beginning of the booked time slot.

  1. Concerning legal transactions with consumers for the purpose of the Austrian Consumer Protection Law these terms and conditions are only effective if and to the extent that they do not interfere with or contradict the mandatory regulations of the Austrian Consumer Protection Law or the Distance Selling Law.
  2. The contract between the client and Time-Busters GmbH is concluded by the confirmation sent by Time-Busters GmbH respecting the client’s online booking. We wish to point out that the contract only exists with the client booking the mission in his name and not with any other member of the client’s team. By concluding the contract the client purchases the right to play the booked mission with the members of his team at the booked time slot. Since playing the mission is a leisure-time activity it has to be noted that according to section 18 paragraph 1 no. 10 of the Distance Selling Law there is no right of withdrawal required by section 11 of the Distance Selling Law. However, other existing rights to withdraw, especially the right to withdraw due to corporate default under section 918 are not affected by this.
  3. The prices having validity at the day of booking shall apply. The prices quoted on the website are gross prices including the statutory value added tax.
  4. If due to his own fault or due to reasons for which the client is responsible (especially culpable behavior of his teammates), the client arrives late to the venue (i.e. by no later than the beginning of their timeslot) and thus the game cannot be conducted properly anymore, the client’s right of consummation of the game expires without any claim of compensation, pending any mandatory statutory directives. In that case the client is given the possibility of playing the game for the remaining play time, ending no later than 30 minutes before the end of his booked timeslot.
  5. The client has the right to cancel or change his booking free of charge until 48 hours before the starting time of the booked game. After that point a cancellation fee in the amount of 100 percent of the booking price arises, to the extent that no other mandatory statutory directives contradict this obligation.
  6. Time-Busters GmbH does not accept liability for slight negligence. This disclaimer of liability concerning consumers does not apply for personal damage.
  7. Any sustained damage or reclamations about alleged defects should be reported to a Time-Busters GmbH staff member in a timely manner. This acts as a mere recommendation to make handling of any reclamations as quick and effective as possible. Mandatory rights of the client, especially according to the Austrian Consumer Protection Law are neither rescinded nor restricted by this provision.
  8. Time-Busters GmbH reserves the right to expel clients or members of their team from the rooms and all other Time-Busters GmbH premises if they carry weapons subject to the Austrian Gun Control Law, violate Austrian Criminal Law or if by any other action endanger health, possession, life and limb of themselves, their team members, third parties or Time-Busters GmbH. If the client is expelled with justification they have no claim on reimbursement of their payments and Time-Busters GmbH reserves the right to enforce all claims against the client or responsible third parties. Further, Time-Busters GmbH reserves the right to ban any clients or visitors who harass other clients or Time-Busters GmbH employees or those who do not abide to justified orders by Time-Busters staff from conclusion of a contract in the future, either for a limited amount of time or in serious cases indefinitely.
  9. It is prohibited to bring any weapons and firearms subject to the Austrian Gun Control Law as well as any animals into the room.
  10. Clients, members of their team or other persons brought to the game by the client are obliged not to disturb or harass other clients or visitors. Mobile phones have to be set to silent. The use of skateboards, scooters, roller skates or other sports equipment inside the Time-Busters GmbH premises is prohibited. Smoking inside the Time-Busters GmbH premises is prohibited. After the game the client and the members of his team have to leave the game rooms.
  11. Time-Busters GmbH reserves the right to suspend clients via the internet in case of abuse. A case of abuse is present if a client does not conduct the payment owed by the contract.
  12. Clients have full parental responsibility over their children if they take them with them to the booked game. In case of failure to adhere to this mandatory responsibility, clients assume full liability for damage done by their children to Time-Busters GmbH property.
  13. Time-Busters GmbH does not assume liability for client’s possessions lost or forgotten inside the game rooms.
  14. The client agrees that the personal data they entered when booking the game can be used for processing of contracts, customer care and marketing; the latter of whom includes receiving emails from Time-Busters GmbH. There will be no forwarding of personal data to third party companies. The agreement to receive emails can be revoked by the client at any time. Furthermore the client is allowed to revoke his consent about the use of personal data by written disapproval given to Time-Busters GmbH.

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