Control Room - Time-Busters GmbH

This Game offers you goose bumps, darkness, danger & deception.

This Room-Escape Game ist suitable for up to 6 players.

You have 60 minutes to fulfil your mission!

Branch: Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna


Room Escape and Puzzle Trails in Vienna:
Branch Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna


Is your assignment only feigned? • Where is danger lurking?

Your and your team’s task will be to inspect the control chamber of a research facility which was closed down by the police several months ago. Exactly what happened at the time has not yet been cleared up. Reportedly missile controls were developed there. What dangers are still lurking in there? While you are still wondering how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, you will find yourselves as our detective unit inside an elevator. The elevator will take you to the control chamber which lies deep under the earth’s surface.

Equipped with torches you will step into the pitch-black room and immediately start looking for the main switch. – What will happen when the power is activated again and will you ever going to come back from the darkness of the control chamber?

By choosing the “Control Room” mission you will opt for pure DANGER and suspense! Room escape and puzzle trail: book your “explosive” adventure in Vienna now!

This Room Escape Mission is intended for 2 – 6 players. Assemble the puzzle pieces correctly in 60 minutes and do not be afraid of the unknown: you will maintain radio contact with the game master at all times.

The Fees

2 people
35,00 €
per person
The Acid Test! There’s so much to do – so let’s get started!
70,00 €
group price
3 people
25,00 €
per person
Three angels without fear and blame are sought to win the game!
75,00 €
group price
4 people
20,00 €
per person
Four wins! And partners can focus on their specific talents!
80,00 €
group price
5 people
19,00 €
per person
Five friends solve the biggest mysteries. Many ideas need to be coordinated.
95,00 €
group price
6 people
18,00 €
per person
The Sixpack! Order or chaos ultimately decides between victory or defeat.
108,00 €
group price