Western Jailbreak - Time-Busters GmbH

This game offers thrill, jail, confusion & instinct.

This escape-game is suitable for 2 to 6 players.

You have 60 minutes to fulfill your mission!

Branch: Rembrandstraße 24, 1020 Wien


The Escape Game in the Wild West: Branch Rembrandtstraße 24, 1020 Wien

Difficulty Level

A Room Escape-Adventure where a lot is at stake.
Are you ready to go to jail in the Wild West?

The secret: The Sherriff of Tombstone colludes with Jack Greed, who owns a lot of land around Tombstone. Jack bought a piece of land of a widow for a knock-down price. What the widow did not know: on this property is an entrance to a subterranean system, from where, in case of a climatic catastrophe, selected people are supposed to be brought to another planet. Jack is in possession of a map with the coordinates of the entrance. His deal with the Sheriff: He hides the map in the jail in tombstone, in return on day X he will be granted entrance to the other world.

The mission: The future of humanity cannot lie in the hands of gangsters. For this reason, the order sends you glorious heroes who are ready to get arrested. To manage getting thrown in jail, you staged a bank robbery. Your task is now to find the map, break out of jail and to keep this knowledge safe for the order and humanity. Do not let yourself get confused, trust your instincts. Because they exist, the hints on life on other planets.

The Fees

2 people
35,00 €
per person
The Acid Test!
There’s so much to do – so let’s get started!
70,00 €
group price
3 people
25,00 €
per person
Three angels without fear and blame are sought to win the game!
75,00 €
group price
4 people
20,00 €
per person
Four wins!
And partners can focus on their specific talents!
80,00 €
group price
5 people
19,00 €
per person
Five friends solve the biggest mysteries. Many ideas need to be coordinated.
95,00 €
group price
6 people
18,00 €
per person
The Sixpack! Order or chaos ultimately decides between victory or defeat.
108,00 €
group price