Missionen (Room Escape Abenteuer) - TimeBusters GmbH


Missions are games you can book online on this website and then play LIVE at the Time-Busters set.

For every mission, the game master will give you an assignment which you and your team will have to complete within 60 minutes.

The missions entitled “The Vault”, “Control Chamber”, “Western Jailbreak” and “Mine” are played TOGETHER with your friends. Just follow your instincts and click on the mission that appeals to you most.

In the “Tomp of Montezuma” mission, you will play AGAINST your friends. If you are not satisfied with just playing against time, then perhaps having a rival team might give you the kick you want. In this case, choose the “ Tomp of Montezuma ” mission.

Choose a mission and click through the picture gallery!

Our missions in Vienna are team games devised for a minimum of 2 and up to a maximum of 8 participants, who want to experience an exhilarating team activity.