Time-Busters GmbH Wien - Profis für Exit Game Abenteuer


The Room Escape and Indoor Adventure Professionals in Vienna

At the Time-Busters headquarters in Vienna we have tasks (missions) for you, which you will be required to accomplish. You will have to find clues, beware of traps and open locks. The game masters will support you via radio transmitters to help you out when the going gets tough. You can count on our full commitment to make sure the mission is successful!

What we do at Time-Busters goes under various names: “Room Escape”, “Hint-Hunting”, “Puzzle Trail” or “Exit Game”. At this exciting leisure attraction in Vienna, the goal is to find locks and their matching keys, riddles and the codes to crack them, and solve the given task with your team.

Our Room Escape Adventures are suitable for:

  • families and groups of friends
  • teambuilding exercises
  • birthday parties
  • stag and hen parties
  • etc.


Expect thrill, fun and tricky puzzles!