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Exit Games: the Indoor Adventure at Time-Busters in Vienna

Hello, Time-Buster!

Are you fed up with sitting around and do you want to try out one of our exciting Exit Games, the latest leisure trend in Vienna? Then choose your team size and your mission!

Please consider that in the missions entitled “The Vault” and “Control Chamber” you will be playing together with your whole team while in the mission entitled “Tomb of Montezuma” you will be split into two groups to play against one another.

The mission The Tsar is a three-hour Outdoor Game across downtown Vienna.

If you wish to book our Room Escape adventures for family or friends, we offer gift vouchers. Surprise everyone with an exciting and memorable game with plenty of thrills!

You may order gift vouchers online. Have a look at the mission pages.


Exit Games pricing policy at Time-Busters in Vienna

Our pricing policy was conceived so that the total amount is lower for small teams. The individual fee therefore reduces to € 15,00. This allows you to spend an exhilarating afternoon and immerse yourself in the world of Exit Games and Escape Rooms in Vienna, even with just a small number of friends.

Because we offer a lot of different games, you find the accurate fee with the respective mission.

If you are planning something special, such as an adventure for a larger group, a corporate event or a birthday celebration, please e-mail us at  info@time-busters.at or call our game master at +43 (0)1 38 20003.