Missionen (Room Escape Abenteuer) - TimeBusters GmbH


Missions are games that you can book online here and then play LIVE at Time-Busters headquarters.

For each mission you will receive a mission from the game master, which you and your team should complete in 60 minutes.

The Tresor, Control Room, Western Jailbreak and Mine missions you play TOGETHER with your friends. Be spontaneous and just click on the mission that appeals to you.

The mission of Montezuma’s tomb is to play against with your friends. If you like not only to win against time but also to have a special incentive through a second team, then choose the mission Montezumas Tomb.

Select one of the missions and click on a picture!

Our missions in Vienna are group games and, depending on the mission, suitable for a number of participants from 2 to 10 persons who like to actively spend their free time together.

If you have larger groups to organize and need help, please contact us directly at info@time-busters.at.