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Indoor and Outdoor Room Escape Games at Time-Busters Vienna

You are looking for excitement ✓, adrenaline ✓, team spirit ✓, fun ✓ – then book now!



The VaultThe Vault

The Vault

2-6 people (from 14) // 60 minutes

Control RoomControl Room

Control Room

2-6 people (from 14) // 60 minutes

The MineThe Mine

The Mine

2-6 people (from 14) // 60 minutes

Western JailbreakWestern Jailbreak

Western Jailbreak

2-6 people (from 14) // 60 minutes

Tomb of MontezumaTomb of Montezuma

Tomb of Montezuma

6-10 people (from 14) // 60 minutes

The OfficerThe Officer

The Officer

2-6 Persons (from 14) // 60 Minutes

World ClockWorld Clock

World Clock

4-10 people (from 14) // 60 minutes



Trail of the TsarTrail of the Tsar

Trail of the Tsar

2-6 people (from 14) // 120 minutes




Our Escape Room missions in Vienna are group games. Depending on the Room Escape mission the games are suitable for 2 to 10 participants who enjoy spending their free time with an interactive escape room leisure activity.

If you are a bigger group or are planning a company event we gladly help you with organization. Please contact the Time Busters Team via Anserws to frequently asked questions can be found here.


The indoor and outdoor adventure in Vienna

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Escape from everyday life and into an entertaining escape room adventure in Vienna!

Can you accomplish our authentically designed Room Escape Missions (in Vienna) in the given time?

Good observation and deduction skills, lateral thinking and teamwork are required to solve the challenges and reach your goal. Be creative, think logically and work together so you will be able to complete your mission within 60 minutes!

Our exit games are indoor adventures of a special kind. Your team of friends, relatives or colleagues will face challenging missions and be under high tension for 60 minutes. These indoor adventures in Vienna are a revolutionary leisure trend suitable for families, friends, bachelor and birthday parties, company events and school trips.


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Montag to Friday: 15:00 bis 22:00
Saturday to Sunday: 11:00 bis 22:00
Holidays from 11:00 Uhr bis 22:00

On public holidays and Sundays we are open from 11:00
You can book the first three Room Escape slots online
or contact the game master by calling +43 (0)1 38 20003.

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday to Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Holidays from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Rembrandtstraße 24, 1020 Vienna

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