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Mission: The Curse of Aggstein Castle

The demonic escape game


Difficulty Level


An ancient legend about the castle ruins. Or perhaps not?

A girl and a demon trapped in a magical stone? Just one of many tales surrounding Aggstein Castle…. or perhaps not? The archivist of the Order (may its name never be revealed) and tourist guide of Aggstein is researching a magic stone, that is allegedly possessed by a demon aiming to take over a human body. And it seems the demon discovered the required incantations to do so!

Time is pressing, this researcher is curious an a human soul (mind) is easily destroyed.

Are you ready to take on this outdoor mission and save the castle from the demon’s curse?

[youtube v=”8cHqPCKZynk”]


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(Until now the games are in German language only!)


The fees (incl. castle entry)

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2 people
70,00 €
per group


3 people
87,00 €
per group


4 people
92,00 €
per group


5 people
95,00 €
per group


6 people
108,00 €
per group

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