The Mine - Time-Busters GmbH

This game offers you completely disorientation, no way out and is high-explosive. May the force be with you!.

This escape-game is suitable for 2 to 6 players.

You have 60 minutes to fulfill your mission!

Branch: Rembrandstraße 24, 1020 Wien

Mission: The Mine

Escape Game with an explosive end: Branch Rembrandtstraße 24, 1020 Wien

Difficulty Level


Who was it who at all costs wanted to explore this abandoned mine with its dark, damp galleries and lost or forgotten objects? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because actually you all wanted to undertake a forbidden mystery tour and feel this creepy excitement in your stomachs again, didn’t you? Fair enough, but may be you shouldn’t have broken that lock at the entrance open and ignored the warning signs!

And while these thoughts are crossing your mind, the planks at the gate start to creek and clank louder and louder until finally the adit comes tumbling down in a roar. At this point the old explosion-proof mine telephone unexpectedly rings. You lift the receiver and are petrified, the unavoidable is looming ahead.

If you choose to go on the Mine Mission you will need oxygen and dynamite! A Room-Escape Game where you are looking for the exit. Follow this link and you will be redirected to the online booking of your “explosive” adventure in the very heart of Vienna.

This Room-Escape Mission is designed for 2 to 6 players. If you want to experience the fascination of the unknown, then don’t be afraid to pave your way back to the outer world!

You have the choice between light or darkness. You want to play this mission with the lights on or with helmet and headlamp. You have to inform the Game Master before starting the game.

The Fees

2 people
35,00 €
per person
The Acid Test!
There’s so much to do – so let’s get started!
70,00 €
group price
3 people
25,00 €
per person
Three angels without fear and blame are sought to win the game!
75,00 €
group price
4 people
20,00 €
per person
Four wins!
And partners can focus on their specific talents!
80,00 €
group price
5 people
19,00 €
per person
Five friends solve the biggest mysteries. Many ideas need to be coordinated.
95,00 €
group price
6 people
18,00 €
per person
The Sixpack! Order or chaos ultimately decides between victory or defeat.
108,00 €
group price