The Vault - Time-Busters GmbH

This Game offers you tension, pressure & obstacles.

This Room-Escape Game ist suitable for up to 6 people.

You have 60 minutes to fulfil your mission!

Branch: Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna

Mission: THE VAULT

The Exit Game in Vienna: Branch Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna

Difficulty Level

A vault – A secret? • Is your team as fast as you think?

If you choose this mission, your team will be given the task of retrieving an important object from the vault. Upon opening the entrance door you will set off an alarm. Over the radio transmitter you will hear the police closing in. You will need to keep calm and look for another exit, because the way you came in is already surrounded. As special agents you have a simple plan: get to the vault, retrieve the important object and look for a different way out (exit).

Ideal mates on your team are: the Hacker, the Brain, the Escape Artist and the Lady.

At first sight there is nothing unusual. But that’s how it always starts! By choosing “The Vault” mission you are choosing a THRILL: teamwork, suspense and speed! Book “The Vault” mission now: don’t miss out on your “energizing” Exit Game for groups in Vienna!

Our Exit Games in Vienna are group games for up to 6 players who are looking for an activity they can do together in their spare time. The thrill of a live exit game goes far beyond anything you will experience while sitting around in a cinema looking at the screen. At Time-Busters, you will get an extraordinary indoor entertainment experience.

The Fees

2 people
35,00 €
per person
The Acid Test! There’s so much to do – so let’s get started!
70,00 €
group price
3 people
25,00 €
per person
Three angels without fear and blame are sought to win the game!
75,00 €
group price
4 people
20,00 €
per person
Four wins! And partners can focus on their specific talents!
80,00 €
group price
5 people
19,00 €
per person
Five friends solve the biggest mysteries. Many ideas need to be coordinated.
95,00 €
group price
6 people
18,00 €
per person
The Sixpack! Order or chaos ultimately decides between victory or defeat.
108,00 €
group price